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Post Oak Gallery  - Our New Location
Andre C. Bally - CH4  "Bee Crest Boat"
Virginia Ann Bally - CH11  "Cat and Mouse"
Ed Branson - Blue Pitcher Plant Vase
Courtney  Coffman - C269  Rainbow Hexagonal Bowl
Margaret Donaldson - CH21  "Calla Lily Vase"
Patti Dowse - Saturn Pixie Bag
Leandra Drumm - "A Mother's Love"
Kelley Eggert - CH24  "Silver Neck"  FIRST PLACE
Karen Ehart - C1  Glass Sculpture
Suzanne Q Evon - C106 Topaz Drop Necklace
Tina Forster - Doll 20 "Our Lady of the Well"
Cecilia Frittelli - Purple Scarf
Yvonne  Gerych - CH34  "Vase for Three Roses"
Vanessa Gilbert - T163  Hoop  ear
Cliff Goodman - C12  Blue Cane/Murrini Vase
Nell Gottlieb - CH28  "Plant Form #1"
Gary  Gould - Spaceship Enterprise
Terry Hagiwara - CH37  "Cut Vase"
Sylvi Harwin - T60 Tapered Ribbon Watch
Ian Hendersen - T29 Large Rainbow Ear
Mark  Hines - Four Clocks
Johnny Hughes - X4 Four Leaf Vase
J Hunton - T3  Silk/Viscose Scarf
Miriam Jesselli - Black Lace Leather Handbag
Danny Kong - Bella Ava
Marsha Krohn - Doll 15 "Patience Grows Weary Waiting For Mr. Right"   HONORABLE MENTION
Renee LeBlanc - CH40  "Runway Models"   HONORABLE MENTION
Lilly Lerner-Reiley - CH44  Pinched Cups
Keith Lewis - T1 Folon Halo Ear
Renee Lindquist - CH 41 "Ring of Roses"
Kathy Lowenstein - Post Card from Houston
Theresa May - Doll 23 "Ink Master"   SECOND PLACE
Eduardo Milieres - X20  FM22P  Watch
Barbara  Millette - CH45  "Autumn"
Lauren Murray - Bibs and Booties 6
Anne Myatt - Doll 3 "Ebony Madonna"   THIRD PLACE
Karin  Otto-Burfict - Doll 11 "Only Two Can Play This Game"
Beverly Parker - X4  Round Plate
Stephanie Parsons - T56  Double Sided Pendant
Joyce Patterson - Doll 8 "Civil War Santa"
Tom Perry - CH48  "Jazz Flow"
Tere Perry - Doll 25  "Caught in the Act"   HONORABLE MENTION
Gwenith Pina - X61  Large Story Teller
Mary Rogers - HMAG 19  "Amulet Moonstone Earring"
Rosie Rojas - Doll 17 "A Vision in the Waning Moon"
Gwynne Ross - Doll 4 "Blue Suede Shoe"
Bruce Salinger - Tempus Fugit
Inge Sarosi - C776  Pierced Rectangle
Michelle Schaps - T1 Bridal Necklace
Ron Schuster - X3   Dichroic Paperweight
Callie Seymour - C286  2 Ovals Pendant
Kristy Sly - X2  Black and White Clock
Sally Stevenson - Doll 18 "On the Ball"
Helena Gijsbers van Wijk - CH30  "Pebble"
Neva Waldt - Doll 16 "Fowl Play"   HONORABLE MENTION
Janet Walther - C107  Herkimer Pendant
Nancy  Wilson - CH53  "Flames"
Carolyn Zakarija - T60  Swing Pendant
Jo Zider - CH55  "Four Seasons"
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Established in 1977
Celebrating our 37th year!

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