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Matt Bezak - T92  Sprit Horse
Jamie Cassavoy - T20  Long Greek Leaf Pendant
Suzanne Cornwell - C1  Cornwell Aqua and Coral Necklace
Sally Craig - T22  Hemimorphite Druzy Post Ear
Jill Elizabeth - Mermaid
Suzanne Q Evon - C106 Topaz Drop Necklace
Ricky Frank - T475  Sun and Moon w/Amethyst
David Gandy - T5  Gandy Watch
Elizabeth Garvin - T89 Garvin Post Ear
Vanessa Gilbert - T163  Hoop  ear
Janice Girardi - Y2 Blue Topaz Bracelet
Sylvi Harwin - T60 Tapered Ribbon Watch
Ido Hassman - T185 Circle Pendant
Ian Hendersen - T29 Large Rainbow Ear
Mary Jarvis - C13 Jarvis Kidney Shaped Necklace
Kristina Kada - Plum Blossom Necklace
Barbie Levy - Wire and Bead Set
Keith Lewis - T1 Folon Halo Ear
Mary Lowe - C654 Midnight Necklace
Kathy Lowenstein - Post Card from Houston
Barbara MacCambridge - #1  Pink Series
Margie Magnuson - Amethyst:  February Birth Stone
Kathleen Maley - Large Mixed Metal Mobius Necklace
Michael Michaud - Sunflower Earring
Eduardo Milieres - X20  FM22P  Watch
Patrick Neuwirth - Promise Cross Pendant
Robin Noel - Five Piece Blue Necklace
Jan Palombo - T634  Stud Set
Stephanie Parsons - T56  Double Sided Pendant
Janet Pitcher - Purple Passion Floral Pod
Beth  Pohlman - T13 Phlman Pendant
Singerman & Post - 236928  Earring
Stephanie Putter - T2  Putter Triple Pearl Choker
Frank Reubel - T59 Lab Tanzanite Ring
Sarah Richardson - T33 Large Multi Pod Necklace
Mary Anne Richman - T41 Labradorite and Gray Pearl Necklace
Sara Rivera - T59 Asymetric Necklace
Mary Rogers - HMAG 19  "Amulet Moonstone Earring"
Inge Sarosi - C776  Pierced Rectangle
Michelle Schaps - T1 Bridal Necklace
Callie Seymour - C286  2 Ovals Pendant
Suzanne Shute - Pisces Bracelet
Kanwar Singh - C237  Emerald Necklace
 Stefans - T140 Oxidized Necklace
Judith Stiles - T4 Gray/White Pearls
Billie Tannen - A Trio of Hearts
Janet Walther - C107  Herkimer Pendant
Carolyn Zakarija - T60  Swing Pendant
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Established in 1977
Celebrating our 37th year!

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